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Glass Coating on Windows

  • Hydrophobic function improves wet weather visibility, helping to improve safety and eye strain

  • makes removing contaminants from the glass such as ice, bugs and tree sap much easier


Ceramic Coating on Wheels

  • Increase of hardness of paintwork

  • High resistance against chemicals

  • High resistance to mechanical abrasion

  • Very high and lasting level of hydrophobic surfaces 

  • Extreme easy to clean


Deep Cleaning:  Wheel Arcs & Undercarriage

Wheels are removed, completely cleaned, de-ironed, degreased. Wheel acrs, brakes calipers, tubes, and suspensions (where accessible) are flushed, brushed and cleaned. Salt, dust, brake dust, tar and all other imperfection are being removed.


Engine bay Detail

Professional and safe engine bay cleaning, degreasing and dressing without damaging any sensible components.


Dent Removal (Smart Repair)

We only work together with the best dent wizards in order to guarantee the highest safety for your paint, combined with the best possible result.


We offer a complete package including preparation (cleaning, degreasing) and scratch removal after repair and a perfect result.


Transportation / Pick-Up Service

We can offer luxury vehicles transport in perfect conditions including:

- insurance

- safety

- respect of privacy

- years of experience in transport business

We also offer a pick-up Service of your car from your home for maintenance wash, interior cleaning, polish, ceramic protection or PPF Service!

Feel free to contact us for further questions !


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5, rue Robert Stümper
L-2557 Luxembourg

+352 621476896

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