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Paint correction is a process used to restore a vehicle’s paint finish to its original condition or even better than new.


It is typically done with specialized polishing and buffing compounds with rotative and dual-action polishers in different sizes. The process can help remove scratches, swirl marks, oxidation and other imperfections from the paint surface.

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Light swirls.JPG
Heavy swirls.JPG

Single stage polish

Deleting light imperfections with

70% - 80% paint correction factor

2-Step process including paint correction step and hologram-free high gloss finish with

80% - 90% paint correction factor

3-Step polish with heavy compound, swirl removal and hologram-free finish with

90% - 95% paint correction factor

New car / Near perfect

Light swirls

Large swirls and scratches

After the paint correction process every car is washed and rinsed again to flush away all kind of polish dust and residues.

All metal parts such as exhaust tips, metal trims and grills are being cleaned and hand-polished until its original glossy appearance.


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We recommand to apply a protection after the paint correction process, such as a wax, ceramic coating or a paint protection film.


This will help protecting the paintwork from further damage and helps maintaining its shine.

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